Hi folks.

I am Michelle and my husband is Laurent.  We have two adorable children.  I will call them L & M (until they come of age and assume their own internet identities).  We are country folk.  We both grew up where there were no sidewalks, chirping crickets and lots of stars.  Today, we long for that atmosphere; however, our jobs keep us tied to the cities.  City life isn’t so bad if you can get past all the noise, the traffic and the neighbors packed in on top you.  We did manage to luck out by living in a somewhat small town that is big in agriculture.  Our horses are stabled/pastured about 15 minutes from our house.  We also keep a small kitchen garden, but are only allowed 2 chickens! And that goat herd I want….Still a dream.

We need room.

We need neighbors we cannot hear.

We need room for quiet.

We need a long driveway.

We need room to stroll.

We need a pasture.

We need room to ride.

We need outbuildings.

We need room to tinker.

We need a farmhouse.

We need room.